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O.R.B. is a dodgeball-inspired PvP game in a closed arena mixing up ball game elements and MOBA mechanics in a magical universe.

Use your orbs and combine them to your character’s powers to defeat your opponents and become the arena’s champion !

O.R.B. is a school project made by a group of 7 students which started in October 2018.

This current build is our Vertical Slice, 4 characters with various abilities and 8 arenas are now playable !

We hope you will enjoy playing our game !

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We would love to ear your feedbacks, suggestions and reviews, you can contact us on any social medias or by email at zoomzoom.contact@gmail.com !

Sacha Szymoniak // Marina Trinité // Elliot Blazy // Emilie Regnier // Erwan Tassin // Philippe Grazina // Florian Jauffrineau


ORB_1.2.8.zip 38 MB

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